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Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles

PRpuzzle offers promotional jigsaw puzzles to enable you to market your brand in a innovative and interesting way. Promotional jigsaw puzzles are specially designed to be used to promote your business to all stakeholders. You can offer them to your customers, potential new business partners, investors and more.

Marketing materials presented in a different way such as these promotional jigsaw puzzles generally are a lot more memorable than your classic printed paper promos. By building up anticipation during the building of the puzzle, you create a deeper interest in your client and thereby generate more attention to your promotional message.

Promotional jigsaw puzzles are created from high quality materials, making them durable and long lasting. The puzzles are either gloss or matt, depending on your preference and coated with a laminating film to ensure your message is retained on the puzzle pieces.

All personalized promotional jigsaw puzzles from PRpuzzle can be customised as to size, colour, shape and message, depending on your specific requirements. The complexity can also be suited to your audience to ensure that you retain your client's attention without taking too much time to complete.

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To order promotional jigsaw puzzles, choose jigsaw size. You can choose a variety of jigsaw puzzle piece count.